About us

We are dedicated to help all early Ford & Hot Rod enthusiasts  in any way possible and supply the best parts available at the lowest prices.


We are based in the small regional town of Ballan in western
Victoria, situated one hour from Melbourne, one hour from Geelong and 30 minutes from Ballarat.

Keith & Glenys Eastwood are sucessfully increasing the number of parts available, and their aim to is steadily increase the stock of Hot Rod Parts – and to offer the same excellent service already available with Model T & A Parts – with most deliveries being posted arriving within 2 working days.

Always available to offer any help and advice – Keith & Glenys are looking forward to serving you and offering the same committment of being the very best they can be.

Henry’s T, A & Rod Parts are here to serve.  We look forward to doing business with you!

Thank You – we need and appreciate your custom. Please contact us via phone on (03) 5368 1088 or email on kg@henryspares.com.au so we can help you find the parts you need.

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